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About me

After years in corporate finance full of stress and intense workload combined with a personal tragedy in the family, my life took a 180-degree turn in 2015. I left my career and embarked on a spiritual journey. 

I discovered tantra, yoga, meditation, reiki, coaching – practices that allowed me to reconnect with the wisdom of my body, my intuition, my heart. Finding a balance between my mind and my heart and reawakening my life force meant rethinking what was important to me, what was my purpose of being here on Earth. 

The journey to the Self is exciting, challenging, rich, pleasurable and painful but I cannot imagine living life in any other way! 

What my clients say

I am so thankful to the Universe that I came to Julia’s retreat. I was stressed, tensed and anxious. Just after 2 days of the retreat, I felt like layer by layer peeled off me. The retreat was filled with amazing music, dancing, great food, activities, rituals and lots of love. I feel happy, whole and complete now.

Julia offers a safe space where I have the possibility to expand in a gentle and transformative way. I love the way she combines humanness and spirituality and a space where I can feel purity, limitless and unconditional love.

Although I have been in personal development for many years, I felt like a beginner again. The exercises were eye-openers (or maybe more heart openers!) And something in the depths of my being shifted (again!). Weight dropped and I felt like a child again!